WHich ALternative is Elected

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What is Whale?

Whale4 is a web application dedicated to collective decision making and every day life voting. It should help you to choose collectively amongst several alternatives. For that you can create a poll (open or sealed ballots), tell people to vote, and visualize the results.

Whale4 allows you to choose amongst several preference expression modes (ordinal, qualitative, approval, numerical), and is based on voting theory to enlighten your decision.

Whale4 is a free project: you can download the source code and use it as you wish to.

Who is behind Whale?

Whale is developped by a group of researchers at Grenoble Informatics Laboratory and has been partly supported by ANR Project CoCoRICo-CoDec on Computational Social Choice.

You can catch a glimpse at the contact page to see the list of contributors and to see how to contact the current Whalekeeper.


Developers and researchers

One purpose of Whale4 is to serve research by providing data about elections.

Feed the Whale with polls; it will feed you with data!

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Once again, Whale4 is a Free project. You can freely download the code, modify it and use it for your own purposes.

Want to contribute? You are also welcome!

Get the code on GitHub